• Body & Pole (map)
  • 115 West 27th Street
  • New York, NY, 10001
  • United States

Marisa will be teach a 75 min MELT Performance workshop. MELT Performance brings the healing and restorative benefits of the MELT Method to the next level. Combining the fascia rehydrating/release techniques of the MELT Method with neuromuscular repatterning exercises, MELT Performance improves joint stability, creates balanced muscle activation and helps maintain the positive changes you make in your body through a regular MELT class. Ideal for dancers, aerialist, athletes, fitness enthusiasts or anyone looking to achieve peak performance, prevent chronic pain/injuries, and improve longevity. The MELT soft roller, MELT balls and resistance band will be utilized during the class. This BP Plus is intended for students who have taken at least one MELT Method class.

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