It is my mission to inspire people to create a life they love and a lifestyle that promotes optimal health.  Physical fitness and healthy eating habits are vital to living your best life but so is enjoying yourself. I have an equal affection for kale and donuts, and I believe there is room in life for both.  It's all about BALANCE!

As an athlete and professional dancer, I’ve enjoyed a career performing Off-Broadway, on TV, Commercials, Industrials, and in theaters across the United States. Early in my dance career I had a traumatic fall resulting in multiple surgeries and ongoing pain issues which threatened to end my career several times.  I went from being in pain 24/7 to learning how to address the root causes of pain and train my body in a way that involved “working smarter, not harder”. 

In an attempt to stay in the industry that I love when I was in too much pain to be onstage, I began going out for commercials and print work and found a niche in Fitness Modeling. This introduction to the fitness industry gave me the opportunity to work with and be mentored by some of the top trainers in the fitness industry including Lisa Wheeler (VP of Daily Burn and the person behind some of the top brands/trainers in the world), Sue Hitzman (MELT Method®), Robert Steinbacher (BodyART™), and Leandro Carvalho (Brazil Butt Lift).  I’ve had the pleasure of appearing in DVDs/Infomercials for Beachbody (Brazil Butt Lift, Asylum, Hip Hop Abs, Slim in 6, Turbo Jam and Rev Abs), Qinetic, several fitness media companies and print ads for Women’s Health, Shape Magazine, Japan and Hong Kong Elle, SELF, Runners World and for clients including Capezio, Reebok, Target and many more.

In hindsight, I consider this detour to be an enormous gift which has inspired my choice to build a career around empowering people to be their best self.  Learning to “work smarter, not harder” culminated in trainings and certifications in the MELT Method®, BodyART™ and Pilates. Through practicing the MELT Method® and several other stabilizing modalities, I went from feeling exhausted and physically debilitated to being fully active. I was able to dive back into a career focused on fitness and wellness with the freedom to continue working as a fitness model and dancer. As a result, injury prevention and recovery for dancers has become a huge passion of mine.

As a graduate of the University of Connecticut with a major in Nursing and minor in Dance, I’m a little obsessed with keeping up on new science and the latest developments in exercise physiology. From my experience as a NICU/Pediatric nurse at New York Presbyterian Cornell Hospital, I have a huge heart for pre/post natal fitness/wellness and empowering new moms to stay healthy and in-motion through (and after) their pregnancies.

Currently you can find me teaching in NYC at Lifetime Sky Athletic Club, Body & Pole, Aline Pilates, The Institute for American Musical Theatre, Broadway Dance Center, offering master classes/workshops across the United States.  In 2016, my business partner Becca Pace, and I co-founded REVIVE Restorative Retreats and we’ve been hosting international and domestic fitness and wellness retreats ever since. We also host monthly ‘“REVIVE in the City” Events in NYC, providing a mini experience of what we offer on our full length retreats. Go to for more information. 

By infusing positivity and a sense of adventure into your fitness and wellness journey, we can accomplish your highest goals with ease and joy. Whether your goal is to run a marathon, dance on Broadway or get out of chronic pain, my unique background can help you on the path to reach your full potential.  

I currently live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with my husband and adventure buddy, Michael.



MELT Method® Hand and Foot/Level 1/Level 2/Neurostrength Instructor, BodyART™ Master Teacher, Pilates Mat Instructor,

 NASM Personal Trainer, Registered Nurse-BSN